Amber Skye brings you Jennifer, an instantly lovable protagonist who’s recent situation brings her to an unexpected encounter with the mysterious Zoey.

Since this is the first of my review section I wanted to start with a strong book which I highly recommend. I wanted to find flaws, so i could be critical in my review but the characters are amazing, well rounded and shrouded in mystery. The protagonist is both kind, friendly and naive, the kind of woman you want to help see what is really happening in the world.

Amber Skye @Amber69Skye brings us a titillating lesbian adventure, instigated by suspicious circumstances the pair are thrust together into an exciting journey in their environment.

You will fall in love with Jennifer before the second chapter, as things develop you will be pleasantly surprised at the attention to detail Amber gives each character and how accurate their feelings are put into words.

The girl in 411 is a story that will tease you along with pleasant sexual encounters with nothing too extreme, a sweet hot journey into lesbian fiction. Highly recommended


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