Kira’s Dirty Morning

Check out my latest work on Medium. Kira’s Dirty Morning.

In this story we meet Kira and Matt, both are long-term partners who love to help each other learn new kinks and fetishes and learn each other’s bodies together.

Kira takes control this morning, using Matt for her pleasure. She may or may not let him get a satisfying orgasm.

He stirred below. Her powerful thighs kept him in place, and her sweaty ass smothered him as she pushed up against his nose. He mumbled something intelligible, not that she cared. All she wanted was to fuck his face.

Her long fingers found her clit as she pleasured herself, enjoying the sensation of his warm mouth on her sex.

She teased him as she rode his face, giving his cock a couple of encouraging pumps before lifting to allow him a breath.

“I know you want to clean up my dirty little pussy,” Kira teased as she bounced her sex on his nose, “don’t you?”

“Anything you want,” was his breathless reply.

It didn’t take long for him to get to work. Probing her folds and cleaning her as he went, waves of pleasure shot through her body.

Matt’s tongue-play was always exceptional, and the orgasms he brought on were always amazing.

I had loads of fun writing this piece and I’m thinking of bringing Kira and Matt back for more as they explore each other over time. Let me know what you think.

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